sábado, 28 de julio de 2007

Strange Dream

There's a strange dream in which I find myself in a big sofa and next to me there's a german boy who speaks English very well with that German accent I totally love and at my right side there's an American boy who doesn't believe in American pride at all. We talk a lot specially about life and the universe. They both look at me as I talk and I love the way my voice sounds as I talk to them. Then, there's a dream inside that one where I'm walking in the beach by the shore at sunrise. The sound of the waves echoes and I feel the cold water in my feet. I watch my feet and then I start running laughing as water splashes all over. Suddenly I stop and stare at the ocean in the eye of its horizon and a blue ship comes up and smiles back at me. Then I shout: "I'm free! I'm me!". Then, I'm walking all dressed in black by a cliff somewhere in Scotland, the sun's going down, the grass is the most greener and soft to the touch I have ever felt in my feeth so I concentrate on the touch. I stare at the ocean again. Then, all of a sudden some male arms held my waist as I feel his breath next to my hear, there's a force that doesn't let me look back to see his face, the voice is familiar, I feel like if I was in the sofa again and he says: "The journey begins here, now". I close my eyes and I'm laying on the beach, my eyes are half close, a boy is on my side, he touches my back drawing letters and the touch is pretty familiar but, like before, I don't see him. Then I'm the sofa again listening to "Wherever I May Roam". The boys are not there, there's just a note under my discman: "Thank you for the beautiful memories, I'll be back soon for more... as the journey continues."

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